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I hate shopping.

Horses at Sunrise

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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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So apparently none of the other students in my English class did the essay because they kept running across the same problems I did…other than pure laziness haha. Anyway, the instructor then tells us that the paper is due Monday and then she throws 50 other things on us to include in the paper and I am so beyond done with this woman. None of her assignments make any sense and she keeps twisting her shit around.

Seriously though. I’m still pissed that this woman wants us to put 500 words into 5 pages? Like JFC that’s not even possible. And now she wants us to add all this other shit but not go over 750 words? YOU STILL WON’T GET 5 FUCKING PAGES WITH 750 WORDS JFC DID YOU NOT GO TO SCHOOL YOURSELF?!

I’m glad I’m not the only one in that class that feels completely lost and confused with these stupid papers. This guy and I were talking and he was saying that exact same shit I was thinking and he just threw together this completely bullshitted essay and turned it in not even giving a single fuck about what his grade will be. This other girl that goes completely over the top with everything she does was getting pissed off and telling me she’s about to just throw some pointless bullshit together and turn it in herself cause she can’t get anywhere on it either.

The worst part of this whole thing is is that someone will ask a question to get a better understanding of what she wants done and she completely contradicts herself in each answer she would tell us. And SHE was getting frustrated with US because we weren’t understanding what she wants in this essay.

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