We’re keeping Satan (the stray)

Saw that coming from a mile away lol.

TJ named her Samael (Hebrew archangel? / Samael the destroyer? / idk much about this stuff haha) We’re telling the vet her name is Sam because people around here are just…well…not as accepting to some stuff as you would like them to be but whatever. You should have seen the look they gave me when I switched Ra to this office lol

Her nickname is still Satan because she’s just an evil bitch most of the time and it’s fitting for her.

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im so fucking done

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Ra is playing tag with herself.

She keeps trying to run away from whoknowswhat and because 90% of the apartment is tile she can’t get a grip when she first tries to take off running so you just see her legs moving really fast and hear nails scrapping on the tile before she actually moves forward.

At least that’s one cats nails I don’t have to clip haha.

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